2 disposal boxes for confidential paper disposal

Have you ever found yourself wondering how can your office do better in environmental sustainability? Looking at your colleagues rapid-firing the copier machine through heaps of paper while sipping on their afternoon coffee. There has to be a better way to deal with the paper waste, not to mention they are likely to contain privilege information.

Here are 5 easy steps towards a more sustainable office

  1. Contact a recycling company in Singapore (preferably someone who also deals with confidential waste) to enquire about recycling in the office.
  2. After consultation and site visit (probably virtual), implement confidential waste consoles and recycling bins at strategic locations such as copier room.
  3. Broadcast to all staff about the implementation and encourage all to participate.
  4. Look for ways to track and trace results and share progress with everyone.
  5. Expand proven model to other waste materials.

Myths about recycling

  • Recycling cost nothing
    • The effort to segregate, transport and process the materials require labour, fuel and equipment. Throwing into the rubbish bin is actually the easiest but we all care about the earth right?
    • Therefore don’t be surprised to pay a small service fee for recycling implementations.
  • It might get recycled if I throw it in the recycle bin
    • This is called “wish recycling” and it does not increase the chance of materials being recycled but caused contamination to other recyclables.
    • Check with your recycler or waste consultant if you are unsure.

Interested to get started? Feel free to contact us at sales@taypaper.sg to find out more.

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