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The way you treat your confidential waste should not be the same as how you treat your other waste. Confidential waste should not be simply thrown into waste or recycle bins even if you hand thorn them. The risk of data leakage is simply too high and too costly as we discussed in our previous blog post (The Cost of Not Shredding). For day-to-day generated confidential waste, we have a solution for you! We have our trusty lockable confidential consoles (image above) beautifully designed to secure your confidential waste and yet blend well into your modern office designs.

What should you be throwing into confidential consoles?

We get this question a lot. Should you be treating these consoles like paper recycle bins? Of course not! You can treat these consoles like an shredder replacement. You should put what you would have put into an office paper shredder into the confidential consoles. Some examples are contract documents, marketing or business plan documents, employee p-files, client list and management accounts financials etc.

What should you NOT be throwing into confidential console

Not many people ask us this question but base on what we see in the consoles we think it is worth mentioning. Have you ever secretly ate a whole box of biscuit and didn’t want anyone to find out? I guess someone did and it was thrown into our confidential console, resulting in it choking the entry path making it looks full when it is not. Things you SHOULD NOT put into the confidential consoles:

  • carton boxes
  • packaging boxes (like that colleague’s snack biscuit that you wish you hadn’t just uncontrollably finished)
  • Harddisk and thumb drives (let us know and we will have a separate arrangement for you)
  • Clothes or uniforms
  • Arch file
  • Batteries (fire hazard and explosion risk!)

What if I have things to shred but not suitable for consoles?

Yes, we get this a lot and confidential items come in all sorts of shape as sizes. It could be obsolete unsold goods, uniforms bearing the company logo or just items you don’t want circulating in the market. We are able to shred or destroy them all for you. With recent months of R&D efforts, we are proud to bring you on-site shredding service of such irregular items!

Feel free to contact our friendly staff to find out more on our services by writing to

man holding cardboard

“confidential” biscuit box found in the console

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