The Cost of Not Shredding

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Throwing an unwanted document into the trash bin seems like a simple act but do you know you are putting your organization at risk of losing millions of dollars and reputation damages? Here we will discuss some of the factors how this will bring harm to your organization.

What if I just sell the paper documents to the Karang Guni (rag & bone man)?

This is one of the riskiest ways that you can handle your waste document. Selling these document as waste papers to Karang Guni can make you a few bucks but what you are essentially doing is selling your company’s confidential information. Your competitors or people trying to damage your company can always buy these papers off these karang guni collectors and have their way with all your documents.

Can I just crumple the papers and trash them?

Unshredded papers are always easy to be recovered with all of its information fully readable. Most offices have cleaners to clear their trash bins and no one will know who is reading your documents after you trashed them. People can be dumpster diving to devise their evil plans to inflict damages to your organization. “Dumpster Diving” is a technique where one comb through a target’s trash to uncover insights about the target and exploit its vulnerabilities.

What kind of damages can be made by looking at my document waste?

  • If it includes personal data like NRIC or home addresses of your employees, perpetrators can use this information to borrow money from loan sharks using your identity and get away with it while you suffer the consequences.
  • If perpetrators know how your invoices or purchase orders looks like, they could conduct scams using your name thus damaging your reputation.
  • Competitors could gain advantageous insights into your company’s financial status or upcoming product designs.
  • Non-compliance with PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) will attract harsh fines from the PDPC (Personal Data Protection Council) up to $1 Million. (Here is a list of companies getting fined http://

So I need to get an office shredder?

Yes, that is the minimum that you should be doing however it is not the best solution. Generic office paper shredders usually do strip shredding and it can be pieced together (like in the movies). More often than not, it will be your own staff doing the shredding using slow office shredders so we think that productivity can be better used on your core business. Or you could engage external parties like us for off-site paper shredding services.

reassemble strip shredded paper

Reassemble strip shredded paper

Okay, so I can’t throw and I should not shred myself. What should I do?

Easy! Contact Tay Paper Recycling’s shredding division aptly named EZ-Shred. Their dedicated team of sales consultants will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your paper documents are securely shredded through a secured chain of custody. Not only your paper documents are handled securely, but 100% of it will also be recycled, saving more trees from being cut down and reduce carbon emissions.

Enquire at or simply call 6558 6842.

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